Editing a Dashboard
  • 26 Oct 2022
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Editing a Dashboard

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Adding Tiles

To add new or additional Tiles to a Dashboard, select the “Add Tile” button. 

When you add a new Tile, you will see that all the fields in the Tile will be totally empty. 

To add data to your Tile, simply type a natural language query in the query input bar and click Enter or the "Play" button to run your query. 

Adjust Tile Size

Customize the size of your Dashboard Tiles so that all the relevant information in your data response is displayed clearly and effectively. 

To adjust the size of a Tile, simply hover over the bottom-right corner. You will notice that your mouse changes to a diagonal directional arrow. Now, simply click and hold on the corner of the Tile to drag it to the desired size.

Change Tile Location

As you customize your Dashboard, you may wish to move the location of a Tile in order to more effectively tell your data story. 

To move a Tile to a different position on your Dashboard, simply hover over the outer edges of the Tile. You will notice that your mouse changes to a multidirectional arrow. Now, simply click and hold the tile to grab it with your mouse and drag it to your desired location.

Removing Tiles

As you continue creating your Dashboard or series of Dashboards, you may occasionally wish to remove a no longer relevant Tile entirely. 

To remove or delete a Tile from your Dashboard, hover over the top right corner of the Tile you wish to remove. An “X” will appear. Simply click on that X to remove that Tile from your Dashboard.

Saving a Dashboard

To save your changes, click the Save icon (visible in Edit Mode).

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